Flooring in Islip

It's hard to think of an area of your Islip home or office that sees heavier use than the floor. From employees traipsing around with muddy shoes, to the family dog clattering around on the hardwood floor, your floor puts up with a lot of use and abuse during its lifetime, and it's inevitable that it will need some updating eventually. When Islip home owners are in the market for quality flooring products, Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc is there to help. With a solid track record of providing Islip with high quality floors, as well as maintaining and repairing the existing floors, Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc is your one-stop shop for all your flooring needs.

Committed Floor Installation Company

Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc first opened its doors in an effort to provide Islip with something we noticed was missing: a company dedicated to superior flooring products at prices that all of Islip can take advantage of. Over the years, we've grown our reputation as Islip's flooring experts, thanks to our habit of exceeding client expectations with both our commitment to superior customer care and our competitively priced products. Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc understands that renovations can be stressful, because they prevent you from having full access to your home. With this in mind, we take care to work as efficiently as possible, so your routine doesn't have to be disrupted for long. Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc will also ensure that all your belongings are moved out of the way, so they don't suffer any damage while our crew installs your new flooring.

Flooring Solutions to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc handles flooring projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from multi-level office complexes to single room studio apartments, so no matter what the square footage, we're on hand to find the flooring solution that best fits your needs, style and budget. The first step in any flooring project is to figure out what the needs and budget are, because that dictates which range of materials is the most suitable. For example, if you have young children that sees a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis, Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc might suggest something in our more durable line of products, while if you're in the market for higher end, hardwood flooring, we can find something that's tailor made for you. Our top priority is to find the perfect flooring solution for you, and in order to do so we take the time to fully understand what your situation is. Unlike other companies that are motivated by profit alone, Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc's well-rounded approach to business is centered on client satisfaction.

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To learn about the difference high quality flooring can make for your Islip home or office, give Hugh Bauers Contracting Inc a call today. With flooring products for all budgets and tastes, we're Islip's top choice for any and all flooring projects. Get the floor of your dreams today!